Rise and Shine!

Waking up early takes determination. Waking up before sunrise in the winter months takes about everything I have for that morning. 

I started researching what successful people do in the mornings and the first insight is that they don’t snooze their phones until the very last minute before they have just enough time for a quick shower, gulp of green tea before stumbling out the door. Surprising, huh?   Image

It doesn’t help that I have some highly dedicated runners in my neighborhood who choose to show their determination by running by my window every morning while I’m still struggling to decide what to wear that day.

Mastering the ‘art of morning’ should just take practice before it turns into a habit and I was on the right track during the summer. My mom was sweet enough to call me at 6 am for the first three days. She’s not easy to snooze. The time difference of one hour meant that she was already done with her morning run and had all sorts of wisdom to share with me in my sad and grumpy state. Then it all went downhill when I stopped for a week… and here we are again. 

My plan is to take morning routines of well-known successful people and mix it with other morning routines suggested to us. I’ll try each for one week and write about it every day. 


I won’t get a chance to try the new invention, ALARMclock, which tells you how broke you are and when you will die to wake you up, so I will first try with a new wake-up song. ‘Happy’ from Pharrell Williams should do the trick.

Tomorrow is research day and I will have a plan in place for Tuesday morning. Any suggestions?

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